Barghests are vicious, undead canines also referred to as “yeth hounds” or “black dogs.”[1]


Barghests are believed to have existed since the dawn of time. They are known far throughout Mennara, most notably due to their howl, which can turn even the toughest opponent into a coward. The sight of a barghest is said to be an omen of the doom to come. Waiqar the Undying has recruited barghests into his army.[2]

Roving packs of barghests can be found in the forests around Castle Dalibor in the Mistlands, home to the legendary vampire Kyndrithul. Some necromancers in the Mistlands specialize in commanding barghests. The most powerful of these creatures, barghest alphas, share a mystical bond with their masters which allows the necromancer to command the barghest telepathically by meditating.[3]

The inhabitants of the continent of Zanaga believe barghests to be fey spirits who have taken the form of a wolf.[4]



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