"This... This is our chance. This is the time. Let us act before we are smitten, let us purge before we are sickened, strike before we are struck."

As captain of the northern Daqan bastions, Alcaran was known both as “The wise knight” and “Alcaran the gloomy,” depending on who you asked. In his youth, it was said he found the legendary Oracle of the Hills, and what he learned from the oracle utterly changed him. What is certain, is that Alcaran dedicated most of his life to fighting the enemies of Terrinoth, his zeal winning him military command of the borderland regions along Terrinoth’s northern and northwestern borders. There, he fought both the walking dead and the abominations that had begun emerging from the Ru Steppes, presaging the second coming of the Uthuk Y’llan. To his death, Alcaran sought to warn his fellow men of impending danger and sought to convince the Daqan Lords to engage the enemy with force. He was unsuccessful in his pleas.

Captain Alcaran

Captain Alcaran died fighting a vast mollusk-worm that had been feeding on both livestock and population of northwestern Roughwarri.

He had no last words. His actions spoke for him. 

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