Catfolk are humanoids resembling bipedal cats.



Catfolk are rarely seen throughout Terrinoth as they tend to stay in communal villages. Other humanoids consider catfolk to be lesser creatures due to their feline appearance, but catfolk are surprisingly quick-witted and cunning.

There are a number of subtypes among catfolk: the muscular Singhara and the jaguar-like Katjie from Zanaga, the Resharr of the Aymhelin, and the the reclusive and scarcely-seen Hyrrinx.[1]

In catfolk villages, unmarried or less productive catfolk are exiled if food is running scarce. These exiles are called Rythkin and often travel across Mennara in search of adventure, treasure, or a hunt.

Half-Catfolk exist and are the product of a catfolk and another humanoid race. These catfolk are generally more humanoid in appearance, though they are usually noticeable by their ears. Pure-blooded catfolk shun and ridicule their half-blooded kin.[2]

Notable catfolkEdit

  • Lyssa — A half-Katjie mage that left her clan to learn the secrets Mennara has to offer.
  • Maliki — A Singhara catfolk from Zanaga.[3]


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