Eliam is a playable adventurer in several games in the Terrinoth setting.

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Runebound (Third Edition)Edit

Eliam is a famed warrior among the Cavana tribe of elves. He is bold but not reckless, confident but not arrogant. He wields his weapons with blinding speed, probes his foes for weaknesses, and takes an almost cruel joy in sinking his blades into the flesh of his enemies. But any money that he makes through his superior combat skills is quickly spent on the finest wines, clothes, and company. This lavish lifestyle continually drives him to seek larger adventures... and larger payouts.


  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark - The Altar of Despair [2007]
  • Runebound (Second Edition) - Sands of Al-Kalim [2007]
  • Runebound (Third Edition) - Unbreakable Bonds [2017]


  • "Battle is a dance of blades and wits!"[1]


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  1. Runebound: Sands of Al-Kalim
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