Goblin Archer

Goblins are a small, nimble race with sharp features and vile dispositions.


Often underestimated due to their small size, Goblins are dangerously vicious, if cowardly, fighters. As they are naturally violent, bloodthirsty and greedy, goblins are rarely seen or allowed among civilized people and instead dwell in caves with their tribes. The savage little creatures spend most of their time throat-slitting, raiding and stealing. Many goblins have studied the art of archery, making excellent Goblin Archers.[1] Goblins are also skilled scavengers and pillagers.

The largest known Goblin Tribe is that of Splig in the Carthmounts, which regularly raids the farmlands of Rhynn. Much of the strength and wealth of the Carthmount Goblins is owed to King Splig's alliance with the Baron of Carthridge.

Some goblins, called Goblin Witchers, have managed to discover and utilize magic. They adorn their bodies in totems and wield magic thought to be far beyond their comprehension.[2]

Notable goblinsEdit

  • Splig — An obese goblin who calls himself the "King of All Goblins."



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