Ice Wyrms are huge, wingless dragons that are primarily found in the region of Isheim to the north of Terrinoth.


Ice Wyrm

Massive beasts with rock-hard scales and cobra-like necks, ice wyrms are incredibly powerful but somewhat rare throughout Mennara. These creatures prefer to live in icy areas to strengthen their already durable scales.[1]

Ice wyrms are intelligent and cruel, and enjoy encasing their opponents in tombs of ice. Only the strongest adversaries are able to free themselves of their icy imprisonment.[2]

The most common theory for the creation of ice wyrms is that they were born from the Rime Storm, a magical maelstrom that had descended upon Isheim many centuries ago.

Although ice wyrms are inherently wingless, many have been able to grow great wings of cold leather, enabling to glide over glaciers in search of prey.[3]

Notable ice wyrmsEdit

  • Blizzard — An ice wyrm that has made its home in a large, icy cavern.[4]
  • Crag — An ice wyrm often hunted by villagers near his lair. Legends have said that anyone who devours Crag's frozen heart has their skin harden into iron.[5]
  • Kosric — One of Malandra's mates who had accompanied her to an abandoned keep in Isheim.[6]
  • The Lindwyrm — An ice wyrm that is immune to all lingering effects.[7]
  • Malandra — A female ice wyrm who led her mates Kosric and Sardrac into an abandoned keep in Isheim. Together, Malandra and her mates built a force of monsters allied to them as well as laid a number of wyrm eggs. Malandra was described as larger and fiercer than her male counterparts.[6]
  • Sardrac — One of Malandra's mates who had accompanied her to an abandoned keep in Isheim.[6]
  • Scarsha the Vile — Queen of the ice wyrms and thought to be the deadliest of her kind. She lives far north of Terrinoth in Icegate Prison where she hunts for the Green Vale.[3]


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