Llovar the Locust Lord was a powerful shaman of the Loth K'har barbarian tribe. He made a dark pact with the Ynfernael, cursing his own people with blood magic. Under his influence, barbaric warriors of the Loth K'har drank the blood of demons, then spread the taint throughout the tribe by means of depraved blood rites. Soon, the Loth K’har were gone; only the Uthuk Y’llan remained. Twisted by dark magic, the Uthuk were no longer human, but had gained incredible strength and power. When Llovar took his hordes south with their Ynfernael, the First Darkness began.

Llovar Rotuno

The Wizard Timmoran Lokander urged the Elder Kings and the Latari Elves to ally against the demonic hordes of Rotuno. During this war, Waiqar Sumarion was taken captive by the Uthuk Y'llan and delivered to Llovar in his citadel. Here, Llovar broke the general with his cruel methods of torture so that even when he was freed by Timmoran, he would never be the same again. Ultimately, Llovar was defeated and killed in the First Darkness, his Uthuk horde retreating to regather their strength in the Kaylor Morbis.

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