A Necromancer of Zorgas

Necromancers study the dead, reanimating their flesh and bones to fight for them. This art is the most renowned form of Dark Magic, and is scorned by most cultures. Meddling with death is dangerous and considered disrespectful by many, but it is the key to untold power. The most basic spells of any necromancer allow them to raise and enslave the dead but more powerful Necromancers can do so much more. Necromancy has the potential to raise terrors such as Bone Horrors and Barrow Wyrms, or even bind wandering spirits of the dead to their will in the form of Wraiths and Banshees. Some can even summon entire legions of the dead as their servants. The secrets to such power are known only to Waiqar the Betrayer and those servants of Zorgas that he chooses to share them with. Yet the price of these incredible abilities goes beyond dark allegiances and secret knowledge. Frequent use of Necromancy drains the soul of the Mage until they are themself undead.

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