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Razorwings are winged, bat-like creatures indigenous to Terrinoth. They are commonly found throughout all of Mennara.


While they are common enemies, razorwings were at one point sealed away in the caverns of Drurn for centuries. During the Dragon Wars, razorwings were released upon the world once again.[1]

Feared by many across Mennara, razorwings are said to be able to cut through a column of veteran soldiers in mere minutes.[2]

Many sub-types of razorwings exist: the ghastly spectral razorwing, the putrid razorwing mold, the fear-devouring spiritbound razorwing, and the underground-dwelling subterranean razorwing.

On the continent of Zanaga, razorwings are considered to be sacred to the god Var Ni, the Nightlord. These razorwings are far larger and deadlier than those found on Terrinoth.[3]



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