Sir Patric Murtagh

Sir Patric Murtagh

"With my life and my sword I hope to buy the peoples of Terrinoth enough time to prepare. What few days you yet have were paid with the blood of brave men. Do not waste them."

Earl of Greenbridge, Knight of the Citadel, and Castellan of Nordgard Castle. As an Earl on the northern border of Terrinoth who had seen the evil amassing there, Sir Patric was one of Captain Alcaran's few supporters. Nordguard Castle was one of the first Daqan strongholds to fall to the Uthuk Y'llan in the Runewars. When the armies of the Ru Darklands were first sighted marching south, it was Sir Patric who sent the messenger to the Citadel of Archaut with a warning. Then, he awakened the ancient Rune Golems to hold the line at Nordguard for as long as he could.

His body was never recovered.

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