Race: Goblin
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil

"Splig is a cowardly fellow, but do not underestimate his strength."


Splig is the self proclaimed "King of all Goblins". He is the tyrant of the Carthmount Goblins, the largest tribe of Goblins in the world. Due to eating so much from raids on farms along the outskirts of Terrinoth, and gifts from Baron Zachareth in Carthridge (with whom he is allied), Splig is likely the largest and strongest Goblin alive.

Goblins rule through simple tyranny and by bullying smaller goblins. Splig, by virtue of being the biggest goblin, is always the leader. And because he is the leader, he gets all the food. And because he gets all the food, he's the biggest goblin. Splig likes how this works.

Splig and his Goblins captured the Shadow Binder Frederick from the farms north of Arhynn for Zachareth who intended to use the prisoner to complete his ritual with the Shadow Rune. Afterwards, Splig withdrew to Castle Talon where he guarded the key to Zachareth's throne room.

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