Cruel, barbaric, and infused with the blood of demons. The First Darkness lives again!

Uthuk Y'llan

The Uthuk Sigil

Centuries ago, a great shaman of the Uthuk tribe of the Loth K’har fell to darkness and became a pawn of the Ynfernael. His name was Llovar Rotuno, and he destroyed his people. Under his influence, barbaric warriors of the Uthuk drank the blood of demons, then spread the taint throughout the Loth K’har by means of depraved blood rites. Soon, the Loth K’har were gone; only the Uthuk Y’llan remained. When Llovar took his hordes south with their Ynfernael allies, it was the beginning of Mennara’s First Darkness.

Ultimately, the First Darkness was defeated by an alliance of all the free peoples of Mennara and the great wizard Timmoran Lokander. The Uthuk Y’llan were broken, then hunted down and destroyed...or so it was believed.

Uthuk scout

An Uthuk and a Flesh Ripper

In truth, some of the Uthuk escaped Timmorran’s armies and made a new home on the shores of the Kaylor Morbis. Their bodies had been twisted and tainted by the demon blood that runs through their veins, and that curse or gift has been passed down for generations. The Uthuk are now something both more and less than human. Faster and stronger than any mortal man, their bodies are twisted by spurs of bone that sprout from their flesh. These spurs are a source of pride to the Uthuk warriors, a mark of the strength in their blood.

The Uthuk have grown strong once more in the demon-tainted wastelands that were once the home of the Loth K’har. Their warriors hunt and tame the feral demons of that land, and drink their blood, renewing the ancient compact with the Ynfernael. The shamans and wise-women cast the bones and seek omens in the

entrails of their prey, prophesying a time when the Uthuk Y’llan will rise again to cover the world like locusts.

An Uthuk charge

Now they gather in great warbands and strike out into the civilized lands, killing or enslaving all they find. The devastation they leave in their wake is dismissed as the work of brigands or rogue orcs, for few are willing to contemplate the truth: the Uthuk Y’llan have returned, and a new darkness comes with them. 

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