Undying Sigil

Waiqar's Sigil

Waiqar the Magnificent, Waiqar the Conqueror, Waiqar the Betrayer. Master of Zorgas and Lord of the Land of Mists.

The legend of Waiqar Sumarion will forever be entwined with that of his friend and master, the great wizard Timmorran Lokander. During Mennara’s First Darkness, Timmorran united the lawful races to oppose the great evil that Llovar Rotuno and his hordes of Uthuk had unleashed. Waiqar was a general of Timmorran’s armies and successfully led his elite forces in many battles against the First Darkness.

Emboldened by his victories and against Timmorran’s advice, Waiqar set off to assault Llovar directly at the head of a great host. It was the greatest folly of the war. Waiqar was soundly beaten by Llovar’s forces and imprisoned in Llovar’s accursed citadel, where he languished until he was rescued by Timmorran Lokander.

Waiqar was reinstated as a general, but his mind and spirit were twisted. Whether it was his own failure and self-hatred that damned him, or some malignant remnant of Llovar’s tortures, none can say. Slowly, as Waiqar fought and destroyed the remnants of the Llovar’s forces, he fell to darkness. Always a clever and charismatic man, he turned his army against Timmorran’s scheme to imbue his powers into the Orb of the Sky, and convinced them that Waiqar, not Timmorran, should possess the Orb.

On the Night of Betrayal, Waiqar led his host to assault Timmorran in the Wizards Vale. In response, Timmorran shattered the Orb and spread its shards – the Stars of Timmorran – across the world.

Furious at his failure, Waiqar surrendered completely to his inner darkness. He swore never to rest until he had claimed Timmorran’s power for his own, and so cursed himself to an undying existence. His men died under the weight of that curse, but rose again to walk at his side – as loyal in undeath as they had been in life.


Since that time, Waiqar has schemed and plotted from his citadel of Zorgas. His has been the hand behind many a great evil that has befallen Mennara, even as his name fades from memory. If not for Waiqar's influence, Zir and Margath may never have invaded Terrinoth and sparked the Dragon Wars, one of the most tragic events in history. It was in this war that the Dragonlords inscribed the Dragon runes on the Stars of Timmorran.

Now, more myth than man, Waiqar sends forth his legions. A new darkness is stirring, and Waiqar’s centuries-long plans are coming to fruition. Waiqar initiated the greatest conflict of this time: the Runewars. The Betrayer's obsession with the Stars plunged all of Mennara into war as his undead army fights to claim what he believes is his by right.

Undead Horde

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